Storm Damage

Storm Damage Repair & Claims

Hail & Wind Damage Services in the Fox Valley

If your Fox Valley home has been hit by any severe weather you definitely want to get it checked out. Storm damage is typically impossible to see from the ground and needs to be assessed by a professional. At Valley Exteriors we specialize in assessing storm damage and streamlining the claims process for our clientele in the Fox Cities area. Need storm damage repair? Give us a call! 920.949.9000

Hail Damage

Hail damage can be a hugely expensive problem for homes. Hail damage significantly reduces the lifespan of your roof and even cause leakage. While leaks are easy to see once they happen, it is IMPOSSIBLE to properly evaluate hail damage to your roof from the ground. The only way to properly assess hail damage is to have your property inspected by trained professional contractors. Contact us today for your free estimate and evaluation.

Wind Damage

The most obvious sign of storm damage is caused by wind. In high winds, shingles and siding can be blown off of your home. Other structures on your property can be damaged as well. In order to assess all wind damage caused by a storm, we recommend calling a contractor in the area. At Valley Exteriors, we work with our customers to identify all wind damage down to the fascia and light fixtures so nothing is overlooked. Contact us today for your free estimate and evaluation for wind damage.

The Claims Process

The insurance claims process can be very time consuming and very confusing. It involves dealing with adjusters, extremely detailed paperwork, and a lot of terminologies that most people aren’t familiar with. Every Valley Exteriors estimator has at least 10 years of experience working with adjusters and insurance claims. We will thoroughly inspect your property, if we find storm damage we will give you a free estimate. If you contact us, one of our experts will help guide you through each step of the process. When you work with our roofing company, you can rest easy knowing that your home is in good hands.

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