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Appleton, WI is the heart of the Fox Valley, and is home to the Fox Cities Exhibition CenterFox Cities Performing Arts CenterFox River MallNeuroscience Group Field at Fox Cities Stadium, and the Appleton International Airport to name a few. Since it’s incorporation as a city in 1857, Appleton now houses more than 80,000 people. Thanks to Lawrence University and the cities recognition as one of the safest places to live, people looking to start families continue to come to the Fox Valley year after year. These families face harsh winter conditions normally found in the northern Midwest. The drastic temperature change and accumulation of water, snow and ice can put a tole on your roof. If your roof is nearing the end of it’s life expectancy or has already been experiencing cracks and leaks it’s probably time to seek a contractor for roof repair in Appleton WI.

Leaking Roof Repair

The first step to fixing a leaky roof is of course to find the source of the water leakage. We start by looking at the roof uphill from the stains. Next look for any penetrations in the roof. Objects that penetrate the roof are the most common causes of leaks. In fact, even on older roofs it’s uncommon for leaks to occur in open areas of uninterrupted shingles. The penetrations to look for include plumbing and roof vents, chimneys or anything else that sticks through the roof. The penetrating object that is causing the leaks will be within several feet above or to the right or left of the leak itself.

For those of you with attic access you are in luck. By far the easiest way to track down a leak is to go in your attic with a flashlight and start looking for water stains, black marks or mold. If attic access isn’t an option or you have vaulted ceilings you’ll have to find the leak from on top of the roof.

Finding Difficult Leaks

If a leak is real difficult to find it’s time to run some water on the roof. Let your garden hose run on low areas of the roof where you suspect the leak to be at. Only do small areas at a time. For example do one side of your chimney at a time. Have someone else in the house watching to see when the water leaks through. Let the hose run for a few minutes before moving higher up on the roof. This process can be very tedious and time consuming so be patient.

If the running water doesn’t reveal the leak don’t fret. Start removing shingles in the suspected areas. Once removed it should be easy to identify the leak from the discolored felt paper, water stains or even rotted wood.

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Flat Roof Repair

Flat roofs, which are very close to level, are quite common on both older homes and in arid environments. These roofs do well to protect your home, but need to be inspected regularly for for cracks and other types of damage. Flat roofs are often made out of asphalt, rubber, PVC or another synthetic material. Rubber and synthetic materials offer the easiest abilities to be fixed as they just need adhesive patches. Similarly, asphalt can be repaired with caulk  or resealed with bitumen depending on the extensiveness of the damage. Most importantly, diligence with maintenance and repair will forever be more cost effective then neglecting a roof and needing a full replacement.

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New Roof Cost Estimator

The average price to shingle a 3,000 square foot shake roof is between $5,000 and $12,000. For a single square roofing (100 sq. ft.), the average price is between $170 and $400.

Shingle roofs are typical for residential properties and have been used for hundreds of years. Their popularity comes from it’s effectiveness, attractiveness and can sometimes be repaired in pieces without replacing the entire roof. Shingles are installed in an overlapping technique to ensure complete protection for the plywood, vapor barrier and other materials underneath.

Average Price of Shingles

Asphalt: $100 to $150 Per Square

Asphalt otherwise commonly known as composition last between 15 to 30 years depending on the climate and the material quality. Architectural styles have a more sculpted appearance and even offer and extra layer of lamination.

3D/Dimensional: $470 Per Square

3D or dimensional roofing is made from both asphalt and fiberglass. These style of shingles have a sculpted shape similar to wood shakes.

Cedar/Wood: $470 Per Square

For homeowners looking for rustic beauty and long service life this style of roofing is for you. These shingles are commonly made of white cedar and eastern white cedar. Unfortunately wood burns easily and must be constantly maintained to avoid rotting. Over time these shingles will develop cracks and grow algae. That is unless you clean them off periodically and apply wood preservative every 2 to 5 years.

Metal: $500 to $1,800 Per Square

Metal roofs are extremely durable and unusual metals like copper can make for absolutely beautiful roofs. Some people complain of the noise saying “I feel like a live inside of a drum” but with the help of extra insulation you can eliminate that problem. Metal comes in a variety of colors and can be painted. A fresh coat of paint will need to be applied every couple of years if you want to increase the longevity of the roof and maintain it’s like new appearance.

Clay Tile: $600 to $800 Per Square

Clay is highly durable, fire-resistant and attractive. The only issue is the weight. This building material weighs between 600 to 900 pounds dry per square compared to 250 lbs for asphalt roofs. Installation of this roof may require structural reinforcement.

Natural Slate: $800 to $1,600 Per Square

High quality, well-maintained slate can last for hundreds of years and has a distinctive, natural beauty. The coloring and durability of the slate is partly determined by the quality of the original stone.
Slate is very heavy, like clay, and cannot be installed on a home that has not been built or reinforced to support its weight. A slate roof is also relatively easy to repair one tile at a time, so homeowners who keep up with maintenance can extend the service life of their roof for a long time.

Solar: $2,200 Per Square

This technology resembles standard roofing material but performs like solar panels, generating power from the sun. This technology can be integrated into a roof that features standard asphalt shingles, so there is a mixture of both types on one surface. Since solar shingles were invented, the technology has greatly improved while the cost has dropped. As a result, this material is becoming a more realistic option for homeowners interested in renewable energy.

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