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Green Bay is one of Wisconsin’s oldest settlements and is known for being the smallest city to host a National Championship NFL team. The Green Bay Packers are also widely recognized for being fully owned by their fans. Among the Packers, Green bay has many other notable attractions that include the Green Bay Gamblers (USHL), Green Bay Phoenix (NCAA), Heritage Hill State Park, and National Railroad Museum. All of this is why it was ranked one of the best family-friendly places to live in Wisconsin. That’s why our Green Bay roofing company is here to help you with all your roofing needs.

Green Bay Roofing Company Services

Green Bay Roof Installation

If your in need of a roof installation for your Green Bay home or commercial property, contact us for a roof inspection with our team of experienced Green Bay roofers.

Green Bay Roof Inspections

Looking for a reputable Green Bay roofing company in the area to replace your roof? Our Green Bay roofers will be happy to help you. Schedule a free estimate today with Valley Exteriors. 

Green Bay Roof Replacement

If your roof is starting to get worn and is in need of a replacment, Our Green Bay roofing contractors will be happy to assist you. Give our experts at Valley Exteriors a call!

Green Bay Storm Damage Repair

Has your roof been damaged recently from a moderate or severe storm, such as strong wind, tornadoes and hail. Our Green Bay roofing company can repair your roof damage today.

Green Bay Roofing Installation Cost

Not only do roofs complete the look of a home and keep you safe from the elements, the most important task that roofs achieve is keeping the moisture from destroying your home. The average cost of a roof installation is $7,941, with most homeowners spending between $5,000 and $11,000 or between $100 per square to $1,000 per square.

Minimum Cost: $1,000
National Average Cost: $7,941
Average Range: $5,000 and $11,000

The smartest way to utilize your money is on a new roof. How much this will cost you will vary, depending on several factors.

Size of Your home

The size of your home is the largest factor in how much a roof installment will cost you. The bigger the house is, the larger amount of materials and labor will be required. Typical practice for roofers is to give you a rough estimate of the installation cost based on your home’s square feet.

Height and Pitch of Your Roof

Another factor going into the cost of installation is the height of your roof and the steepness of the pitch, the higher and steeper your roofthe more difficult and more dangerous it becomes, making it take longer and potentially more expensive.

Removal of Old Shingles

To replacing your homes roof with a new roof, removing your old shingles should be apart of your estimate price. You can expect the removal of an old roof can cost $1 to $5 per square foot. Sometimes, you can install the new shingle over the old ones instead of removing them, but may not be an option. A roof can become too heavy for the structure of the house if you pile on shingles and is not meant for every home.

Material and Type of the Shingles

With each of these type, you’ll find different levels of quality determining their price. It will almost always pay in the long run to opt for the higher quality shingle. Th better the quality the longer it will last and may protect your house better than lower quality shingles.

Green Bay Roofing Process

1. Remove the Old Roofing

The first step in the process of installing a roof is to remove the existing roof before adding the new one. The old roof should be stopped down to the sheathing, and rebuilt.

2. Evaluate the Roof

Once the old roof is removed, the next step is to evaluate the sheathing. Roof sheathing is a layer of flat panels that provide structural support and a base on which roofing materials, are attached. The idea during this evlauation is to look for any signs of excess moisture or trouble spots that need to be replaced.

3. Prepare the Roof Surface

Preparing a roof for the new installation is a crucial step in ensuring that your new roof is set up properly. There are three items that need to be put into place to provide the right set up.

  • Drip Edge Installation – Installing the drip edge around all the edges of the roof once the is wood decking is prepared. Drip edge is designed to keep rain from getting underneath the rood and is a piece of metal bend at 90 degrees.
  • Ice shield installation – The next installment is to add a special king of underlayment caleld “ice shield.” This shield sticks to the wood decking and prevents water leaks. It’s important for it to be installed at the bottom of the roof and at all roof openings such as chimneys.
  • Roofing felt installation – The last step is to install the roofing felt. This felt prevents the shingles from sticking to the wood. 

4. New Roof Installation

Once the base is ready, you can start to laying out the new roofing material, it’s wise to start working from the bottom up, followed by step and/or counter flashing, ridge vents, and ridge capping installation, as needed.

5. Final Inspection

After each roof installment it is important to go back and inspect the roof to ensure that all areas are completed correctly and that there are no issues at the present time.

Roofing Types

If you need a Green Bay roof replacement, our Green Bay roofers will help you choose the best roof type for your home with options such as;

Metal Roof

Metal Roofs can be an attractive option because they are fire resitant and can increase the value of your home because of protection it provides against natural occurances. The metal roof is a top choice for;

  • Energy efficience
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Longevity

Asphalt Roof

Asphalt roof shingles are known to be the most popular roofing material used on homes across North America. They are designed to protect a home in many different weather conditions. Asphalt roofs are also known to be;

  • Cost-effective
  • Durable
  • Easy to maintain.

Flat Roof

A flat roof is designed as a continuous surface that can hold some standing water for a limited time. The gravel and tar structures that form its basis last a very long time and can resist basic elemental damage.

  • Simpler repairs
  • Less leaks
  • Lightweight 

About Valley Exteriors

Valley Exteriors is an experienced roofing, siding, and exterior home improvement company. Every exterior home improvement project and roof installation service is completed efficiently and in a timely manner. Our Green Bay roofers are trained in quality roofing, siding, gutter, and window replacement. Valley Exteriors prides itself on stellar craftsmanship and high customer satisfaction. No matter the job site location, our skilled teams provides themelves on makin sure the sit is safe and secure.  Call Valley Exteriors at 920.949.9000 today!

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